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SMS is the most effective, non-intrusive and cost-effective way to communicate with customers.

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What is bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is a technique where text messages are used to spread a promotional message to a large variety of individuals at once. Bulk SMS marketing campaigns can be sent to users to notify them of offers, notifications, emergency info, updates, reminders for better customer experience, and much more.


How to use bulk SMS service:

  1. Click the new message button within the ViralBizz SMS portal. Write you’re message, configure your sender ID, choose your recipients and send it.
  2. You can send bulk messages using ViralBizz SMS portal for fast delivery.
  3. Send messages in bulk directly from your contact lists and schedule as well.

SMS solutions for your Business

We are an easy to use, reliable SMS platform. Here are our Business SMS products for your business.

Bulk SMS Campaigns

You can use bulk SMS to communicate with a large number of customers at the same time with ease.

Appointment Reminders

Remind your customers about upcoming appointments and engagements with a timely SMS,

Survey & Feedback

Get your customer’s input to ensure you have the best user experience.

OTP verification

Implement two-factor authentication for customer safety. Send them an OTP SMS.

Billing & Payment

Remind your customers about upcoming payments and bills to ensure that they pay on time.

Status updates

Give your customers regular updates on the status of their orders

How Businesses Leverage SMS Solutions

Companies across verticals have benefited from our SMS solutions and services

Real Estate

Our clients across the real estate sector have, on an average, managed to improve their lead generation by up to 50% simply by using ViralBizz SMS CRM


Provide the exact details of your products to the customer and redirect them to your online/offline store. Details: Bill Payment, Reminders, Promotional SMS


Make Each Message Count As An Opportunity For Your Customers And Your Business. Adaptive Routing. Real-time Analytics. Direct-to-Carrier Network.

How our SMS services help

Here’s how Viral Bizz SMS Marketing Solution helps businesses


You can easily use our CRM to analyze the success of the SMS marketing campaigns.

Easy CRM

Integrate your SMS number with leading CRM softwares and automatically add customer data.

Better productivity

The SMS marketing software helps in reaching out to a large audience in just a few clicks.


Faster implementation

After the initial manual setup, campaigns can be sent in just 2-3 clicks.

High engagement

SMS has an open rate of more than 95% which is huge when compared to the 11% open rate of Emails.

Higher ROI

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns have low running cost & a high ROI when compared to other forms of marketing like advertisements, newspaper ads, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bulk SMS and what its basic use?

Bulk SMS is a platform where you can simply send a million texts at the same time, with a simple click of a button. It is used to make any sort of news, information, product, services, and brand to various people.

Why it is important for businesses to use bulk SMS?

SMS beats every other channel hands down and offers ten times the response rate, in today’s world of mobile phones. Bulk SMS can help enhance your conversion rates across the customer lifecycle- acquisition, engagement, and retention by implementing action links within the message.

Can I have a free trial before buying the bulk SMS services?

Of course, you can. We offer such services to our clients. Before you buy our services, we give you details of our dummy account.

Will I get a confirmation text once my messages are delivered?

It is quite easy. You will get a confirmation text for your messages in your account itself.

How many SMS’s can I send in a day?

You can easily send up to 1 Lakh texts in a day.

How can I schedule text for the future?

You simply have to go message box, bulk SMS and tick on advanced settings. You can either schedule in bulk or in single.

What is Sender ID?

Sender ID is often seen as the name in the header of the SMS. The name could be alphanumeric with maximum characters or the name of the company.

What kind of SMS's can be sent on DND

Transactional and Promotional SMS can’t be sent on DND numbers under any circumstances.

What other services can VIRALBIZZ offer to help my business?

In addition to the bulk SMS Marketing for business, popular services from VIRALBIZZ include Virtual Numbers/Toll-Free Number and Email Marketing.