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What is Bulk Email marketing?

Email is to develop relationships with potential customers and/or shoppers. Email marketing is one section of internet marketing, that encompasses online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, etc. it’s the same as direct mail except that rather than sending mail through the postal service, messages are sent electronically via email.

Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

In an age of skyrocketing usage of social media for advertising, email marketing still rules the roost, according to a study conducted by HostPapa:

  • 94% of internet users use email, whereas only 61 use social media
  • 75% of adult online users say that email marketing is their most popular marketing technique
  • the “opt-in” feature of email permits marketing by consent
  • email marketing allows targeting by demographics (age, income, etc.)
  • email messages have a much wider range of data formatting possibilities than social media messages
  • email offers a lot of reporting and analytics capability, such as click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions

Email solutions for your Business

We are an easy to use, reliable Email platform. Here are our Business Email products for your business.

Bulk Email Campaigns

You can use bulk Email to communicate with a large number of customers at the same time with ease.

Appointment Reminders

Remind your customers about upcoming appointments and engagements with timely Emails.

Survey & Feedback

Get your customer’s input to ensure you have the best user experience.

OTP verification

Implement two-factor authentication for customer safety. Send them an OTP Email.

Billing & Payment

Remind your customers about upcoming payments and bills to ensure that they pay on time.

Status updates

Give your customers regular updates on the status of their orders

How Businesses Leverage Bulk Email Marketing Solutions

Companies across verticals have benefited from our bulk email marketing solutions and services

Real Estate

Our clients across the real estate sector have, on an average, managed to improve their lead generation by up to 60% simply by using Viral Bizz email marketing solutions


Provide the exact details of your products to the customer and redirect them to your online/offline store. Details: Bill Payment, Reminders, Promotional Emails


Make Each Email Count As An Opportunity For Your Customers And Your Business. useful for promotional activities to promote business, services, products (E-commerce).

How do our Bulk Email services help?

Here’s how ViralBizz Bulk Email Marketing service helps businesses

Easy CRM Integration

Web-based mass email sending setup that you can use from anywhere


Transactional/Alert Email Service

useful for sending informational & important mails (i.e. banking, schools, billing, any reminders etc.)

Real Time Analytics Dashboard

Assistance to create and manage lists, bounced mail and also track responses

Unsubscribe Facility

If someone does not want to receive email from any particular user then they can unsubscribe this email.

Bulk Email Marketing Service

useful for promotional activities to promote business, services, E-commerce etc.

Target Your Audience

Creation of personalized newsletters, mailers and promotional material with the right, target specific content for mass campaigns


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Frequently Asked Questions

Email Marketing Is it still effective?

Going into 2020, Email marketing is still one of the most effective tools for a small business to achieve customers. If you think about it, it makes sense.

Instead of posting content on your site and just hoping folks will see it, or posting on social media and hoping fans will see it, you’re sending info, answers to issues, and other content directly into each prospect’s inbox, where they are far more likely to see it! even if they don’t open it straight off, they’ll still see the topic and your company’s logo, service providing, etc… every time you send an email. This way, you’re continuously communicating directly with your prospects or clients.

Is it true that Social Media Marketing replacing Email Marketing

It might surprise you, but statistics show that email reaches three times additional prospective customers than Twitter and Facebook combined. That’s a large distinction. Social media marketing is fashionable, however, it’s undoubtedly not taking the place of email marketing any time soon. With Facebook, as an example, a post only reaches a small portion of your audience. once users have opted into your email list, however, everyone on that list can receive your message, allowing open rates, of course.

Can I buy an email list while stating out in email marketing?

NO!!! never. It’s tempting, however, resist that temptation each time. the only method you should attain an email subscriber list that’s actually useful to your company and your clients is to grow it organically. First, several email service providers won’t allow you to use a purchased list. Second, the addresses found on lists like these aren’t high-quality leads.
These lists won’t contain prospects truly interested in your services, since they didn’t opt-in to your specific email list directly, therefore they’ll be a lot of probably to mark your email messages as spam.

How often should I be sending emails?

As often as you can, without getting annoying. you can send frequent emails, however not so frequent that individuals begin unsubscribing or worse, marking them as spam. Where’s the happy medium? unfortunately, it’s totally different for each business. For some, once a month is plenty, whereas, for others, daily emails are just fine. Again, it’s a matter of experimentation and testing to envision what your particular audience responds best to.

What is the best way to grow Email Marketing subscriber list?

Offer your audience a powerful asset in exchange for signing up to get your emails. put this offer on your website, your social media accounts, landing pages on your website – get the word out, and move, and your prospects will qualify themselves by opting into your email.

How long should my emails be?

The average person will only spend about 20 seconds reading an email, therefore use that as a suggestion. If your email will take longer than 20 seconds to read, ensure that the most important info, also as your call to action and links, is placed close to the top, where they can be seen without having to scroll down.

How can I increase my click-through rate?

Amazingly, people are rather more likely to do something if you simply ask them to. By placing a call to action in your email, specifically asking subscribers to “click here” or “shop now,” you’ll see a lift in your click-through rate.

What other services can VIRALBIZZ offer to help my business?

In addition to the bulk Email Marketing for business, popular services from VIRALBIZZ include Virtual Numbers/Toll-Free Number and SMS Marketing.