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Call forwarding is a feature that allows users to forward or redirect incoming calls to any other number, which can be either a telephone line or cellular number. Users are provided with options to divert incoming calls to voice mails. Phones can be set to divert calls without ringing; a diversion also can happen when lines are busy, calls aren’t answered, or phones are switched off. Phones also can be set to divert calls in the absence of network coverage. This feature is widely used in mobile technology.

Benefits of using Call Forwarding?

  • Enable, disable and customize Call Forwarding services anytime, anywhere with ease.
  • Don’t let your callers get a hang of what’s happening in the background. It’s the same as any other call to them!
  • Get calls on your personal phone number after office hours or jump it through a series of phones, before someone picks up.
  • Be it Landline or Cell phone; Get calls delivered to any number, anywhere in the world, anytime!
  • Delight your customers with automated greetings and customized music, while they wait to get connected with one of your representatives.
  • Integrate smart extension menus to forward calls to the right person from the customer’s input.
  • Forward based on ‘unanswered’, ‘busy’, ‘ in pre-set time or any condition as per your requirement.
  • Customize timings and corresponding forwarding number(s).
  • Forward Calls based on work-shifts of employees.
  • Integrate forwarded calls with CRM software and log them for overall as well as individual performance analysis.

How Businesses Leverage virtual Number Solutions

Companies across verticals have benefited from our virtual Number solutions and services

Real Estate

Our clients across the real estate sector have, on an average, managed to improve their lead generation by up to 40% simply by using ViralBizz virtual Numbers


Track the exact location of your leads and determine the important incoming call hours for your business with your ViralBizz virtual  Number.


Track and analyze which channel is drawing maximum output on your investment. VrialBizz virtual numbers help to track leads and increase ROI.

How our virtual Number Services help

Here’s how ViralBizz virtual Number 844 number helps businesses

Easy CRM Integration

Integrate your virtual number with leading CRM software and automatically add customer data.

Custom Features

Every virtual telephone number includes 10+ business features like advanced call forwarding at no extra cost.

Real Time Analytics Dashboard

Access call logs in real-time, hear recordings of your calls. Draw valuable business insights with a customizable data dashboard

Whitelist & Blacklist

Set caller preference, alternately, prevent misuse by blocking unwarranted callers from spamming your virtual number.

Business Features

Advanced routing, voicemail services, detailed analytics, and many more features automatically included at no extra cost.

Auto Call Routing

Handle large call volumes, configure call timings akin to your working hours and direct calls to your personal number


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual number?

This is a full-fledged local, mobile, landline, a number for abroad usage, which belongs to a certain country and is owned by a person, so actually, it is represented by inbound call forwarding. Usually, all calls are forwarded to a landline, cell phone or SIP. There are such VoIP phone numbers as for calls, fax, SMS, toll-free, multichannel, free DID number.

Can I pick a number before I buy it?

If a provider can give us a list of numbers, then you can pick a number. If not, a random number will be connected. If you want to get a phone number, please, write a ticket and then we could send you a list of all possible numbers.

May I have a phone number for a trial period?

No, we do not give virtual numbers for a trial. All services are tested and function well, so there is no need for doubts about their quality. In case you need a trial period, write to our technical department.

What phone numbers you offer?

We offer virtual numbers, which belong to more than 120 countries around the globe, multichannel and phone numbers for calls, SMS messages and faxes, and toll-free.

Do I have to buy special equipment to make calls?

No, you do not have to buy additional equipment. You can use a landline or mobile phone, Skype, SIP.

How long does it take for the balance to recharge?

It depends on the chosen payment method. Automatic payments are topped up almost at once. If it is money sending directly to the wallet, it can last from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Payments via cards can be received for 3 days. For a more detailed piece of information according to the period of recharging for your method, please apply to Freezvon support.

Can I find out call history on my profile?

Yes, of course. All information about your calls can be seen on personal accounts.

What do I have to do to buy a virtual number?

First of all, you have to register on our website, order a necessary service and pay for it. Additionally, you should be aware that some countries require identity documents such as a passport or ID-card data or any other personal information.

How much do virtual numbers cost?

The price of purchasing and using a particular virtual telephone number depends on the country, which it belongs to. You can learn more about our prices on Pricing page.

Can I forward calls to multiple devices?

Yes. You can even create call forwarding settings to ring different devices according to custom rules or all at once.

What other services can VIRALBIZZ offer to help my business?

In addition to the best vanity phone numbers for business, popular services from VIRALBIZZ include Email Marketing and SMS Marketing.